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The Virtue of Working For A Living
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The Virtue of Working For A Living: The Legal Rules of Earning The Ethics of Livelihood (Fadl al-Kitab wa-Ahkam al-Kasb wa-Adab al-Ma'ishah)Hardcover


Author: Imam 'Ala al-Din 'Ali Ibn al-Lubudi / Adi Setia & Nicholas Mahdi Lock (trans.)
Publisher: IBFIM
ISBN: 9789670149226
Year: 2012
Pages: 224
Weight: 410g


This book is the first complete translation into English of Imam ‘Ala’ al-Din ‘Ali ibn al-Lubudi’s Fadl al-Iktisab wa Ahkan al-Kasb wa Adab al-Ma’ishah (translated as The Virtue of Working for a Living: The Legal Rulings of Earning and the Ethics of Livelihood). It is a significant late Mamluk ethico-juristic treatise (circa 900/1500) in classical Islamic economic thought, providing valuable insights into the underlying axiological vision of commercial transactions in Islam The translators have also introduced and lightly annotated the text, and pointed out the deep relevance of this work for our current rethinking and redefining of the science of economics in terms of its ends (viz., provisioning for livelihood = infaq) rather than its means (viz., allocation of resources), and thereby reviving a true economy of sustainable livelihoods for the common good (al-maslhah al-‘Ammah). An appendix at the end of the translation briefly elaborates on this revival of a common-good economics.

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