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The Fruit Epistles
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The Fruit Epistles - softcover

Author: Bedi'uzzaman Said Nursi
ISBN: 9786051934082
Publisher: Hayrat Publishing
Year: 2021
Language: English 
Pages: 192
Weight: 221 g


This epistle (risala) was written in the years of 1943 and 1944 by Bedi'uzzaman Sa'id Nursi during his time in Denizli Prison. It was penned only in two Fridays. There are eleven issues (masail) discussing various topics of faith (iman). It is a great and guiding lesson for all yet it was at that time written for a prisoners. This risala hosts the basic principles, essence and fundamentals of The Book of Light (The Risale-i Nur).

The inmates who read this risala and listened to its lessons, transformed into pious, obedient, compassionate and harmless people. They became beneficial individuals to their country within an utterly short span in addiction to correcting their negative habits in this very limited time period. Even many of those who once killed others recklessly and without any hesitation became people of mercy to a point that they could not even harm ants any longer. Thanks to the magnificently effective and disciplinary impact on the prisoners, the prison guards and governors became amazed and they celebrated this risala


This epistle has eleven issues (masail) each of which deals with a much needed answer in contemporary Muslim life.

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