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Gabriel's Wing
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Gabriel's Wing
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Gabriels's Wing- Hardcover 
Author: Annemarie Schimmel
ISBN: 9789694165226
Year: 2010
Language: English 
Pages: 428
Weight: 697 grams
I. Muhammed Iqbal
a. The Historical Background
b. His Life
c. The Aesthetic Side of His Work
d. His Religious Motive
II. His Interpretation of The Five Pillars of Faith
a. There is No God but God
b. "Muhammad is The Messenger of God"
c. Praying
d. Fasting, zakat, Pilgrimage and jihad
III. His Interpretation of The Essentials of Faith
a. I believe in God... and in His Angel
b. ... an in His Books
c. ... and in His Messenger 
d. ... in the Last Day
e. ... and in the Predestination, that Good and Evil both come from God
IV. Some Glimpses of Western and Eastern Influence on Iqbal's Thought, and on His Relations to Mystic and Mysticsm
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