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Al-Mal: Exploring The Economic Impacts
Al-Mal: Exploring The Economic Impacts
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Al-Mal: Exploring The Economic Impacts - Softcover

Author: Abdul Ghafar Ismail, Raudha Md. Ramli & Muhammad Hakimi Mohd Shafiai
Publisher: Penerbit UKM
ISBN: 9789672518204
Year: 2022
Language: English
Pages: 293
Weight: 450g

The ultimate goal of al-Mal is the well-being of humans. It should be beneficial to the individual, his family, and society as a whole. Abu 'Ubayd was a pioneer in highlighting al-Mal of a nation and demonstrating how fiscal policy and resource allocation function in Islam. After many decades, the book of al-Mal needs to be revisited in the context of a nation. This book is particularly timely in terms of proposing a new perspective and discussing the economic impacts of al-Mal. Therefore, the purpose of this book is to provide basic knowledge about al-Mal, the institutions associated with al-Mal, and the impact of al-Mal on various aspects such as socio-economic roles, public policy instruments, financial planning, estate and wealth management, and consumer choice in dealing with the economic crisis.


ABDUL GHAFAR ISMAIL, PhD, is an Honorary Professor at the Centre for Sustainable and Inclusive Development Studies, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). He is also the Chairperson of the Organisation of Islamic Economic Studies and Thoughts and Chairholder of Sheikh Abdullah Fahim, UKM. His research areas include inter-temporal allocation of resources, applied economics in Islamic finance and financial matters in the constitution. RAUDHA MD RAMLI, PhD, is a lecturer at the Department of Muamalat, Economics and Islamic Finance, Academy of Contemporary Islamic Studies, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UITM) Shah Alam. Her research areas include Islamic economics, Islam and Sustainable Development, Islamic financial planning, Islamic social finance and energy economics. MUHAMMAD HAKIMI MOHD SHAFIAI, PhD, is an Associate Professor at the Islamic Economics Center (EKONIS), Center of Sustainable and Inclusive Development (SID), Faculty of Economics and Management, UKM. He has made a significant contribution in the field of Islamic economics, Islamic social finance, Islamic philanthropy (waqf), Islamic agriculture finance and Islamic microfinance at the national and international level.

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